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Strictly Bespoke
Peter created his first product in 1999. The invention is called the Technical Development Ring©(TDR). He designed and manufactured it for grass roots football development. In 2003 and 2004, Peter won British Inventor of the Year Platinum Award for the TDR. In 2005 Peter presented the TDR on the popular TV show "Dragons' Den". The TDR has been used by many football clubs and organisations, including a purchase by AC Milan Football Club. For more about the Technical Development Ring, visit
Football Skills Ring
Strictly Bespoke Strictly Bespoke Strictly Bespoke
Leaf Log® is a Bio-Mass solid fuel made from dried fallen leaves. Peter saw the leaves as a potential fuel source and recognised a previously untapped resource for eco-friendly green energy. In 2006, following several months of experimenting, he designed and built the machines to commercialise his idea. Leaf Log won several awards, including the Shell Spring Board Award for Innovation. Leaf Log was distributed through B & Q, Home Base, Netto. For more about Leaf Log® Bio-Mass fuel visit
Strictly Bespoke
After years of designing products and services, Peter is now focusing on his true passion, turning unwanted items into unique pieces of furniture and art.
His creative vision and talent exemplify, manifest and define the real nature of Bespoke, strictly and consistently. Quote from Peter Morrison: "The ability to pull new objects from old never fails to amaze me. I am truly blessed."        
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